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Socio Connect is a platform built for the needs of our customers. From running a digital agency for the hospitality sector we have built a platform that fills in all the gaps for marketing teams for medium to large groups. Any industry that generates revenue from social can streamline costs and benefit from this self-service digital marketing platform.

Publish Content, the standard feature,
but better

With Socio Connect, you can post to all your social channels (but we have far more features than just that, so hold onto your hats).  When scheduling your posts you have daily weather updates to help ensure context is correct.  You also have notifications of what local and national events are on in the area on that day. On top of that, we have all the norms; post-approval for Managers, post-editing, monthly and weekly views, easy posting to multiple platforms from the same editing screen and monthly and weekly views.

Our Performance Tab, the eagle eye of the web

Socio Connect performance tab gives independent and large group businesses the visibility and control they have been looking for. 

It provides daily insights into the results being achieved across all your social channels and action points (web traffic, online conversions, phone calls, directions). This allows for a collated visibility into what’s driving online bookings (if that’s your thing) or it can measure other features depending on your business.

Our Content Pool...think of it like a search engine just
for your businesses content.

Socio Connect enables each business, group or individual venue to store all their content in one place. Photography, stock lists, menus, logos, etc all accessible across one team – all files are supported; JPEG, GIF, PDF, Video etc. Our unique tagging capability enables the easy search of files for a more streamlined way of working.

Events, A pre-populated calendar of local & national events based on your business location.

Do you have someone in your business scouring the internet for hours and hours looking for local events in your area? If so, we’ve got you sorted with our events feature. Get complete oversight of a pre-populated calendar of local & national events based on the location of each venue with custom event capability, the ability to plan staffing, campaigns and marketing around local and national events.


Lamaye, General Manager

Hospitality client, Marrakesh by Mindo, Dublin

"We would happily recommend the Socio Connect app to other restaurants"

"The Socio Connect app is fantastic. It is very easy for us to chat with our Community Manager and a much more efficient way of chatting with her than email. We also really like being able to check posts before they go live and approve them. We also find the notification feature very beneficial. We would happily recommend the Socio Connect app to other restaurants like ours."

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