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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

On Sunday morning whilst enjoying my porridge I was sent a rather excited whatsapp from my very enthusiastic dad telling me Socio Local were included in The Sunday Business Posts ‘100 HOT START-UPS’. A quick superwoman change and a hasty drive down to the shops and indeed there we were.

As a team we are all delighted to be included in this article written by Deanna O’Connor and supported by Enterprise Ireland. Stephen Malone our founder started Socio Local in 2016 a solo man on a quest. We are now a team of 25 and have expanded our business into the UK and as the article pointed out “into stand-alone SaaS”.

Our SaaS platform is called Socio Connect (the name game didn’t take long). Digital marketing at your fingertips is what we like to say about it or a self service digital marketing agency on your phone. It is what we use for our service business and we are now offering that technology to other industries.

Socio Connect fills in all the gaps for marketing teams for medium to large groups. From talking with customers independant and large over the last two years, they all face the same issues. So we set about solving them. Any industry that generates revenue from social can streamline costs and benefit from this self-service digital marketing platform. As Deanna says we “ have plenty more to deliver”; we are working on new features and intend to make the platform grow with the industries it embeds into.

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