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The pitfalls of Digital Marketing and how to avoid them

A pitfall or blunder in a digital campaign can happen more often than you might think and can show up with no warning at all, this is because a pitfall in a digital marketing landscape can come in many different forms, especially if you aren't rehearsed in the area and know exactly what you want to achieve or how you plan to go about it. With today’s massive digital marketing trend, content is being created and posted at a breakneck pace, and there is ample room for making mistakes that will be displayed online for all to see.

Every day presents a new trend and keeping up with these can prove enough of a hassle without taking into account all of the other aspects that make up a successful digital marketing campaign: fact-checking, ad placements, targeting audiences, and standard grammar and punctuation expectations. It's hard to be on top of everything all at once. That's why we’ve taken the liberty to lay out some of the more disastrous digital marketing mistakes, so you can be on the lookout before it's too late.

As always we understand that you may not have the time to be doing this yourself and this is literally our area of expertise. So if you'd prefer to pass this added stress off to an expert, contact us now using the button below.

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  1. Ignoring The Needs Of The Customer This one may be hard to digest but hear me out. I've run a business before and I know what it's like and how easy it is to be caught up in the logistics of running that business and letting various tasks fall victim to your ever-growing schedule and your marketing efforts are nearly always one of those things. Unless you have someone, a designated member of staff or a marketing business such as Socio Local looking after things I guarantee your efforts in the digital landscape are suffering to some sort of extent. One issue especially prevalent in digital marketing efforts is not paying due attention to the usability and stability of your website. Allowing your site to fall prey to system glitches, historic menus not being updated and interface issues show a lack of commitment to your site and sloppy management to your customers. Trust me I have seen it so many times, you check out a restaurant's menu online and when you turn up with a meal in mind and then you are informed it was last seasons menu and is no longer available. It's one of the reasons we are more than happy to build a unique and custom website for all of our clients when they sign on to a 12-month contract, we understand it's importance and as such update it regularly. As we've mentioned before, your digital presence is your online storefront. It must be kept up to date and presentable or people will not enter.

  2. Ignoring Social Media One of the most obvious tools at your disposal when you think of digital marketing is social media. With over 3.499 billion active users you should be updating it every second day at a minimum. Fresh photography of your dishes, specials, drinks, staff etc. Engage with your following and stay at the top of their minds when they are trying to decide where to go that night for a meal. Remember if you don't want to utilise our services and want to look after things in house you can still benefit from our marketing platform; Socio Connect. With Connect you can schedule your posts weekly, gain insight into your analytics and reservations, check out local events and much more. Don't neglect it, utilise it. Your business will thank you for doing so.

  3. Getting left behind One of the biggest pitfalls to any business is getting stuck in the past and with it, getting left behind. If your business is at the forefront now you need to stay on top of things to remain there. Likewise, if you're fighting to beat your competitors through digital marketing you'll want to utilise every tool at your disposal. Don't let the ever-changing digital environment make you fall behind. Keeping up with social media trends is imperative but time-consuming so be sure to assign someone you know has the time to spend on it otherwise you may be best utilising the services of Socio Local who have a team of marketing experts, professional photographers and our own marketing platform designed with our present and future clients in mind. Staying relevant is the number one key to achieving and maintaining a successful business. Integrating your business into what's being discussed in the larger picture is the only way to ensure your content will get read; do your research or hire someone to help you with your digital marketing campaign today.

  4. Trying to speak to too many people at once This is a common problem and something we have touched on several times in the past. Understanding who you want to speak to is imperative when marketing your business. Check out these previous articles

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So there you have it, 4 of my top pitfalls in digital marketing and how you can avoid them. Whether you are working on things in house or need help with it all, we have a package to suit everyone. Utilise our software or release yourself of all the pressures and allow Socio Local build you a customised strategy and market your business accordingly, contact us using the button below and let us tell you exactly how we can help after conducting a full audit of your current digital presence.

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