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Why you need Socio Connect

Have you ever wanted to buy something or thought you needed it in your life? The new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone or perhaps something as simple as a new Filofax or diary. My point is that the feeling could be based on the desire for a material thing or perhaps its something you believe will make your day to day easier. Whatever the case we have all been there, and if you are like me you often delay purchasing an item based on the cost and the asking yourself ‘Do I really need this?’ only to later look back after the purchase and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, I’m here to tell you about Socio Connect, a marketing platform which allows you to build a company profile, schedule social posts, check on your social performance, check on events in your local area, pool all of your content into one convenient space, manage your reputation through Trip Advisor and Google plus and finally, manage your paid social advertising. All of this on a platform available on your laptop/computer and as an app on any of your IOS or Google devices.

So this brings us to my original point, Do you ever find yourself pondering over the desire for a material thing or something you feel might make your life a little easier? But why do you need Socio Connect? Well like most things in life that aren’t the basics such as Food, Water and a place to sleep. Socio Connect aims to make your life easier by bringing everything you need to market your business together into one place. Whether you need it or not is up to you but perhaps I have now grabbed your attention which means you should read on for a little breakdown of the platform and how it can help you as a business owner.

Company Profile - First up is your company profile. Here you are going to fill in things like your current marketing objective, brand guidelines, opening hours, USP’s, offers etc. The list goes on but think of this as your digital strategy. Whether your business is big or small, marketing is managed by your or a team of people. This is the place your most important information is stored and shared between you and your team (whoever they are)

Posts – Full insight and use of our dedicated publishing platform means you will see what posts are scheduled for when and allows you request changes be made should you require them from whoever is creating the content be that your in house team, your Community Manager in Socio Local or your niece/nephew. Remember Socio Connect is built for every size of business ;)

Social Performance - My personal favourite feature because when you put time and effort into anything you want to be able to reap the rewards. Socio Connect brings your marketing efforts together into one easy to understand space. Connect will automatically create a correlation between your Social Marketing and reservations/bookings being placed, allowing you valuable insight into what works and what doesn’t. Adding a greater ROI when implemented and used you’ll find yourself asking that “Why didn’t I do this sooner” question.

Events – The importance of events for any sector is vital all year long. From busy winter periods to the quieter days. Utilising the footfall going to and from local events can be the difference between a packed house and an empty one. What we have done is compile events that are happening in your local radius from 1km - 75km. If you want to target the 1000’s of people going to these events you first need to know when and where they are taking place. Geotarget the events taking place within a chosen radius of your premises and then highlight the pertinent events to your business so your marketing team can then do their thing. If you aren’t targeting local events, you are losing. Simple!

Content Pool – It’s exactly what it says on the tin. All of your content, photography, imagery etc. in one easily accessible place. No more searching back in emails, saved folders on your desktop or scrolling through the family photos on your phone while scratching your head.

Reputation - Manage your reputation sites such as Trip Advisor, Facebook and Google all from one place. Save time, money and effort answering your reviews and seeing how you are performing from the comfort of the Socio Connect platform.

Advertising – A place to see what advertisements are being placed on your profile, who they’re targeting, the money being spent and most importantly; The results coming through.

So now that I’ve given you a breakdown of what to expect from the platform, you may be asking yourself if it’s something you really need. Well click the link below and get a free 1:1 demo for yourself. Schedule it for a time that suits you and sure as they say “No harm, no foul”


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